Xen and the Art of Letting Go

Or maybe that’s zen.  I always forget how the word is spelled for a silly reason.  A friend of mine used to use the name Xen when playing morts on the MUD.

Work is getting more interesting, but it may be a year before we know anything definite about what’s going to happen.  That means a year of doing what I’ve been doing… I can manage that.  The longer I work, the more I can get put aside in case I lose my job, and/or the more bills I can pay off so I have that many fewer bills if I lose my job.  It’ll all work out, or it won’t.  So instead of worrying, I’m trying to focus on my writing… or finding other places to write since the place I normally write is very slow in the summer. 

Eventually, things will work out as they should, or they won’t.  Severance packages at other facilities they’ve closed have been as little as 1 week of severance pay for each year working for the company.  Considering this is one of the biggest employers in the area, it’ll be interesting to see how the economy in the area fares with these changes.  I feel bad for the visible head of the company… one of the founders.  He was no longer running the company, the next generation was running the company.  I suspect all they saw was dollar signs.

All the drama at work has the added benefit of making me realize how lucky I’ve been over the years.  One of my coworkers has been through a large number of mergers, some of these mergers have meant job loss.  This is my first time facing this type of situation. 

It’s best to let go of the worry.  Nothing I do can change what’ll happen to myself or my coworkers.  All I can do is be sure that I don’t backstab anyone just to keep my job.  Backstabbing others is not the way I’d choose to save my job.  I’ rather lose my job and someone else keep theirs in that situation.  Because I’m not sure I could handle the guilt… besides, something always comes along, and all I have to do is focus on writing to get more income on top of any unemployment I’d get…

Time to sleep.  Hopefully I haven’t bored anyone too much lol.

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