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I said something earlier about my daughter doing a Walk Away the Pounds video with my husband.  Well, this morning, when I was doing the video because of a walking contest we’re doing at work… I caught my son doing it.  I even got it on video.  Once I get my writing done for the week, I may try to get it uploaded for those who are interested in seeing it.  My husband said the 1 year old did it, but I didn’t believe him until this morning…

As for the other… well we’re doing a contest at work where they gave us pedometers and divided us into teams, and we’re supposed to see which team can get the most mileage between March 1 and May 31… so far all I’m finding is that the pedometer doesn’t always show all of the steps I’ve taken during the day, and when it does, I take a lot fewer steps than I thought.  My goal is to hit 5,000 consistently by the end of March…. which means I need to find out if I can have the pedometer replaced as I managed to break the clip somehow…. Let’s just hope they don’t consider that actually breaking the pedometer, and I won’t have to pay for the replacement.  Sighs.

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