Crime and (No) News

I live across the street from the park where my city sets off the fireworks.  This means nothing to me except that I can walk to the park with my daughter occasionally, and I can sit in my front yard to watch the fireworks every year.  Oh yea, and sometimes the softball games get very loud, which can keep myself or my daughter awake since our bedroom faces the softball field.

Now, I’ve also heard stories about how the park is dangerous after dark, that there are drug deals that go on.  One time someone shot a gun off up the street at about 11:30 pm, and then ran into the park.   I just deal with that by avoiding the park after dark, and being aware of where we are when we go during the day.  I’m also very careful to lock my doors at night.  I sleep lightly anyway, so this is generally enough of a precaution against trouble.

There was an issue last Saturday night (the 4th).  I overheard one of the cops directing traffic tell someone that there had been a stabbing at the miniature golf course attached to the park.  The golf course is about a block from my house, so understandably I was very concerned when I heard that.  However, the cop directing traffic didn’t have any more information, and the newspaper hasn’t had any information since that night.

Because of the lack of information, I’m finding myself wondering how many similar incidents have happened over the years, but haven’t been published in the newspaper.

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