Future Geeks and Where We’re Headed

Just a really short post tonight, my future geek is cranky and not wanting me to be typing at all.  Guess it’s time to eat and go to bed — he is after all 3 months LOL 🙂

I’ve started contacting old friends from high school though Facebook.  I tried on MySpace, but it was just too hard to find anyone I knew unless I had their exact location and email address.  MySpace’s search for Lake Region Alumni included everyone who has ever gone there and I couldn’t sort it by graduation year.

Anyway, contacting them has me thinking… what do I want out of life?  What do any of us want out of life?  What makes our existence bearable until we “shuffle off this mortal coil”?

When I was in high school I hadn’t planned on having any kids, let alone 3.  I had planned on going into a computer related field, I certainly hadn’t thought I’d still be writing.  I used to tell stories to get my sister to sleep when we were both little.  She actually had to remind me of that, I had forgotten.

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