Future Geeks, Partisanship and Travel Plans

I’m writing this tonight with my future geek sitting on my lap.  He wants to be held and the only way I can manage that tonight is to sit him on my lap looking at the computer.  He’s starting to get fussy though, so this is a quick post.

I’ve been doing more looking at social media lately.  It kinda makes me wonder where things are headed.  I wonder what my kids are going to see that I never would have dreamed of.  Though MySpace may seem ubiquitous, I’ve found out that some of my family has profiles on there.  My reading list looks like my brothers and my music choices look like my sister’s.  Very interesting how that turned out.

I keep reading about how the democrats came up with a plan for helping the economy that they made some compromises on to try to get approval from both sides of the aisle.  I really would like to see this plan to know how much is crap because the republicans are still saying it’s too much and they won’t approve it.  I’m curious how much was really compromised and why it won’t get passed.  We all know something needs to be done out there.  Someone needs to sit down and hammer out a compromise that everyone can agree to.  Playing petty games is what got us into this mess.  Oh and Pres Obama, sorry that your girls schools were closed, but that’s living in the south, especially DC.  LOL I learned that one the hard way myself.

I found out tonight that Hertz doesn’t offer unlimited mileage for minivan rentals.  That makes no sense.  People who rent vans are gonna be taking family vacation type trips.  Why charge extra like that?

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