Sour Grapes and Other Clips

Just a few notes tonight while I’m trying to wind down.  I haven’t been posting much, but that’s partially the joy and pain of having a newborn around.  I’ve also been swamped between writing assignments for the company I write for and going back to work.  And my laptop has been down for the count, because my fan died.  Tonight the writing assignments were emotionally draining because I was rewriting articles about child abuse.  It tore my heart out to read what the morons that are supposed to protect these kids did to them instead.

For the sour grapes, I’ve read in several places that Obama was staying in the Hays-Adams hotel because the Blair House where the president-elect usually stays has been booked solid.  Uhh, yea, Bush knew that the president-elect was going to need to stay there, yet he books the place anyway?  Can we say sour grapes?  Don’t like the transition?  You’re the one who messed up a number of domestic issues and brought the Republican ratings down so low, Bush.  I don’t care if you’re Christian or not, you needed to have better advisors around you if you didn’t want your approval rating to drop through the floor and if you weren’t smart enough to know what to do yourself.  Figure it out.  Now the Republican party is in shambles because no one can figure out who should be the head of the RNC.  Bah, with all the fighting, they should just disband and create 2 parties.  One of ultra conservatives, the other of the middle of the line people that want to pick up the undecided vote.

Wow, maybe my attitude is a bit of sour grapes tonight too.  But, my chamomile tea is done, so I should head to bed and try to get a bit of sleep before the baby wakes up for more food.  Otherwise, I might end up on a rant about men in general tonight.  It’s been a long day.  What I have to say would do better to not be said in such a public place.

Tomorrow night is movie night.  I told my oldest that we could get some popcorn and watch Dark Knight then For the Kingdom, or whatever the movie is that’s based on Dungeon Siege.  Once my laptop is fixed, I might need to play a few hours of that too to get out some of my frustration with life in general lately.

Next week, I think I’ll start talking a bit about things to help the environment, just because I’m odd that way.  Peace out.

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  1. Hello,
    You need more rest i think

    Have a nice day

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