Election Day

I was lucky, no one said a word either way at my work, even though I’m in a very Republican state. I expected to hear a lot of sour grapes, but I didn’t hear anything.

On the other hand, some online friends of mine are upset. They think that Obama’s tax plan is going to make the economy tank worse. My feeling is that any changes he makes to the tax code are going to have to go through congress. The Democrats don’t have enough of a majority to push anything through without the support of at least a few Republicans.

People are talking as if the president has the sole power to make our country great or break it down. We have a system of checks and balances for a reason. Plus, though our government may affect others impression of our country (ie France, Australia or the UK), we are all able to make changes to make things better or worse. Each time people demand that our government work on other energy sources, we have a say in how our country operates. No, it’s not as much power as we used to have, but people have chosen to not do as much to curb our government and this is where we’ve ended up. We need to learn to band together and take back our rights as citizens.  Our country was founded on an idea.  That idea is still there, even if we don’t all agree on everything.  The whole point is to find a common ground and go from there.

I read in the comments for one of the blogs I read regularly that some people in Indiana said that the KKK would have something to say about Obama’s presidency.  Let’s hope their wrong.  We need to be united now, not divided.  The recent election was very divisive, not only between the parties, but within the Republican party.  We need to get past that.  We are all Americans.

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