The Line Between Black and White

I was talking to a friend of mine in MO last week.  She said that she’s been getting a lot of robo-calls from the Republican party.  At least one of these robo calls was recorded by Rudy Giuliani.  According to her, all of the robo calls have been nasty, mud slinging packs of lies.  Each of these robo calls has reaffirmed who she wants to vote for, and it’s not McCain. 

Another friend of mine is seriously worried about race issues if Obama wins.  She’s afraid that the KKK or the Neo-Nazis won’t like having a black president and will be out to assassinate him.  I can see that… especially after the recent arrests of those two idiotic redneck skinheads.  If he ends up assassinated, we may find the country divided like they were after OJ was accused of killing his ex-wife, or after the Rodney King tape was released. 

What I find even scarier is what’s happening in my own town.  There have been complaints that people are destroying Obama/Biden signs, that’s not the bad part.  That happens a lot during election years.  What’s disturbing is that the people who are stealing these signs are supposedly yelling racial slurs, and keying these peoples cars.  Then you have similar reports in other areas of signs being stolen and cars with McCain/Palin stickers being keyed.

Then I find myself wondering… McCain doesn’t say he’s a Christian, but Palin says she is.  From what I’ve seen of her behavior, she’s not being a very good Christian role model.  No, it’s not up to me to judge.  However, from what I know of the Bible, Christians are not supposed to talk or act like she is. 

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