I don’t know why, but a certain member of my husband’s family never ceases to amaze me with her behavior.  Tonight, she wanted my husband to drive her to McDonalds, even though he told her he didn’t have time before he had to leave for work.  She followed him into the bedroom as he was trying to get dressed, and she woke up my 3 yo with her repeating her demand for him to give her a ride.  She got mad because my hubby wouldn’t bring her to McDonalds.  She also told him that another member of the family is having marriage troubles, and she was smirking the whole time because she doesn’t like that person’s wife.  How, immature. 

 I really need to learn to get past her behavior.  She just doesn’t think about anyone else, not even her own daughter, that’s just how she is.  Kinda like when I’m talking to members of my family about other members of my family, I’ll say that’s just how she is, or that’s just how he is.  But their behavior isn’t selfish, more stubborn and set in their ways. 

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