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Ok, in my post last night, I said that I was curious what other opinions were on the bailout (now being called a rescue by much of mainstream media).  Today, I opened my email to find this link to Dave Ramsey’s website.  Well lol I guess I need to open my email more often, I’ve gotten 3 links to this site from 3 different people since Tuesday. Dave Ramsay’s Plan  As he is one of the financial gurus I trust, I really think he might have a good answer to what’s going on.

 I’ve said it before, I have to say it again.  Bernie Sanders is the most honest and straightforward person I know of in Congress.  No, he’s not the best public speaker (he constantly refers to his notes), but he makes a lot of sense and seems to be the one person in this whole deal that is remembering that Congress answers to US not the other way around.  Check out what he had to say about the bailout. 

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