“How Dare You?”

Ok, so my ex would have a fit about this one.  My son sent me the following link to a website that has excerpts from the Colbert Report.—how-dare-you

His comment was that if he could vote, he’d vote democrat (he’s 17, so another year yet).  Considering his father is a die hard republican, I think it’s hilarious.  The video is even funnier.  I sat there yelling at the screen while I was watching it.  I think I figured out McCain’s platform.  It’s not reform, it’s nothing other than he was a prisoner of war for 5+ years.  Hmm… not sure how that qualifies him for anything, and it seems to be his answer when he can’t figure out what else to say — that he was a POW, so he doesn’t know how many houses he has? 

 Gimme a break!  I may not be crazy about voting for Obama, but at least he’s not running on the platform that he was a POW for 5+ years.

Oh yea, and now that his rankings are slipping in the polls, he’s wanting to put off the debate so that he can grandstand about the economy and the economic bailout.  But how dare we question him?  Oh yea, and any comments about Palin are sexist.  WhatEVER.   

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