McCain’s Fundamental Error

Another taboo subject… politics.  I generally don’t talk much about it simply because it’s one of those things that gets people all riled up.  Politics and religeon. 

 I have to think though that McCain didn’t think through his choice of a Vice Presidential candidate.  I read somewhere that he only talked to her once before he offered her the slot.  A very dear friend of mine said Palin is being used and may find that this is the death of her career.  He may be right.

I’m still trying to figure it out.  McCain is trying to attract people who would have voted for Hilary Clinton.  That’s why he chose a woman as his VP candidate.  That could be true, BUT I think all he really locked in is the possibility of the NRA votes.  Palin is an avid hunter and fisherwoman.  Maybe the religeous right votes… she’s also anti-abortion.

Oops, she’s not going to lure any Clinton supporters being anti-abortion. 

Guess McCain’s people didn’t do enough research because Palin is also in the middle of an investigation into her conduct in firing someone because they wouldn’t fire her sister’s ex who was a state trooper.  Duh!  It’s scary enough to think of someone like her being one heartbeat away from the presidency.  I mean McCain is 72, if he’s elected, he’ll be the oldest president entering his first term.  Reagan was 69 when he was sworn in.  He turned 70 almost a month later. 

Ahh well, it’s still going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.  We’ll either have our first black president or our first female vice president by the time this all finishes.  I don’t think anyone is running under a 3rd party ticket.  Too bad, I still say Bernie should run for president! LOL

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