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I don’t very often comment on tv shows or Hollywood.  I’m not much of a tv watcher.  There are more interesting things to do with my brain.  Plus, the actors are entitled to their private lives.  I think it’s sick how much the media follows them around.   

The other day, I read that William Peterson is leaving CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  This season will be his last on the show.  I can understand him wanting to go on to other projects.  In fact, I’m happy that he’s going to be doing what he chooses, but I will miss his Grissom character.  I think many will.

Of all three CSI shows, my favorite has to be the original in Vegas.  Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the characters of the other shows, but they just don’t have quite the mix that they do in the original show.  I’m going to name just my favorites.  First is Grissom, the geek (sorry, that’s just how the character comes off).  Second is Warrick, a bad boy.  From what I’ve seen, though William Peterson isn’t much of a geek off camera that I can tell, Gary Dourdan (Warrick) is a bit of a bad boy… during the writer’s strike, he even participated in the ‘Speechless’ videos with a cigarette in his mouth.  I won’t even touch the reports that he’s been arrested for drug use.

None of the other shows really have the mix that the Vegas version does.  Yea, there’s the same number of people, but Mac on CSI:NY and Horatio on CSI:Miami are cops first and foremost.  They’re not expert scientists.  Ok, so the bugs might seem a bit creepy, he is an entomologist, but it’s still fascinating too.

So I’m trying to figure out if it’s going to be worth watching the show after this season.  We don’t know if Warrick is going to live… it could be like the situation with Nick (George Eads) a few years back where he was kidnapped and stuck in a box underground, or the situation with Sara (Jorja Fox) where she was kidnapped and left under a car.  But, that all depends on how fast the court case goes.  If he’s in jail for the drugs, he won’t be able to act in the shows.  That may be why they handled the situation like they did.  I don’t know.

Now, do I think that the show is going to fall apart without Gil and possibly Warrick?  I’m not entirely sure.  I guess it partially depends on who they bring in for replacements.  Do I think that Catherine (Marg Helgenberger),  Nick (George Eads), Capt Brass (Paul Guilfoyle), Greg (Eric Szmanda) and Hodges (Wallace Langham) can carry the show?  I’m not sure.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re great actors (or a great actress in Marg’s case).  But we’re losing part of the magic that makes CSI the show that it is.

I’ll reserve my judgement until the season ends, but I’m curious to see how this all plays out. 

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