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 I’ve been reading a lot about gaming recently, and why there are few female gamers.  Quite honestly, I got used to being one of the few females in many situations, so I wasn’t that uncomfortable as a girl on the MUD I played on.  It probably helped that 2 of my friends played female characters and I didn’t realize that they were not female in real life for at least a year after I “met” them online. 

 A lot of guys preferred to play female characters because they took advantage of the help they got as a supposed female.  I never acted like that, so to me that concept was foreign.  However, these two became good friends and though I have lost track of one of them, the other is a very dear friend to me. 

 One thing that I’ve noticed is that game companies need to start focusing on attracting female gamers.  I’m a fantasy style gamer.  That’s why I MUD.  In the times that I wasn’t MUDding, I played both Everquest and Asheron’s Call.  After awhile, I got bored with both of these games.  I had trouble with the lack of socialization compared to MUDding, and lost interest because I found it too difficult to explore and learn new things.  That’s one of my main focuses in MUDding. 

 Actually, I’m pretty well balanced with three of the four groups in the article that I linked to.  I like to socialize, I like to explore and I like being able to achieve something difficult.  However, most days the socialization and exploration are more important than achieving anything once I’m a high enough level to actually do anything.  Since I don’t play a pkill MUD, I don’t do the pkill part at all.

Gaming is probably going to be increasing in the next few months.  Especially with the financial news getting bleak.  Games are great for an escape.  For a few hours, you can forget what’s going on in the real world.


3 Responses to “Gaming and MUDs”

  1. It’s funny, I’ve been reading the opposite actually, that if anything female gamers are on the increase. I’d have to say that in the MUD I’m involved with I’ve noticed more females (rl) getting involved, rather than less…

  2. Shar

    wotmud, what I’ve noticed is that female gamers are more after the casual/social games like Puzzle Pirates ( and less into the games that take more time like World of Warcraft. As the MUD I play is rather small now, I’m not sure I can judge by that.

  3. Riverkid

    An old dear friend that lost track of you and hope everything is going well says, “HI!”



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