When I was pregnant with my daughter, my hormones were driving me crazy.  With the added stress of working overnights the whole time, I was very depressed.  I asked my doctor about going on an anti-depressant and I was told that there were not enough studies out there to prove that anti-depressants did not harm the baby.  The more research I did, the more I realized she was right.  So I just go through it the best I could.

Now, the pharmaceutical companies are trying something new. Unfortunately, the time has passed to register an objection.  However, the idea that they would insist on giving drugs to those who might suffer from depression or post-partum depression (in some cases post partum psychosis) is absolutely unbelieveable.  So you’re going to put the baby in danger with who knows what side effects?!? 

 Remember, these drugs have not been tested for birth defects.  My doctor wouldn’t even give them to me — and looking at my daughter now, I’m glad.  I could not imagine what would have happened to her if I had taken these chemicals. 

 Don’t get me wrong, I did end up with post-partum depression too, especially since my husband moved to Oklahoma while I was still in Kansas.  However, there has been testing to show whether the a/d medication I was prescribed could be passed through breastmilk.  That can be tested… in vitro, how do we know what’s going to affect the baby? 

 This forcing drugs on people has got to stop.  It’s just wrong.  Unfortunately, since that’s where the money is, they are going to continue to pass the laws requiring us to get vaccines and take other drugs that have not been thoroughly tested.  We are the guinea pigs on these pharmaceuticals, and it’s all for someone else’s profit.  We pay to be their guinea pigs.  That’s the saddest part of all.

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