Work should get interesting in the next couple of months. I guess the Biggest Loser franchise is making a lot of money… I know the local gym has a Biggest Loser contest going on, and now we received an email from one of the corporate dietitians about one that they’re going to run through work.

The whole thing has me intrigued. I haven’t watched the show, I’m not into reality TV. Actually, I don’t always pay attention to the TV except as background noise. Sometimes I’d just as soon *gasp* turn it off. Oh that annoys my husband and son… LOL

Anyway, I know that they wouldn’t make us weigh in in a sports bra and shorts — I HAVE heard people talking about it LOL — but I really wouldn’t mind participating. Of course, I’m also considering joining the gym next Friday when I get paid. I keep putting it off because it’d take time away from things I want to do and people I want to spend time with. However, since I want to be around for my daughter, I need to do better at taking care of myself. Plus, the exercise is good for stress.

I think I figured something out, I had cut out any caffeine other than my morning coffee. Tonight I had a (diet) soda and I’m awake late into the night. Guess that’s an indication that I’m getting too old to drink caffeine after 3 pm. Funny, I don’t feel too old.

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