Deep Freeze and the Flu

You’d think that growing up in Vermont, I’d be used to the cold. Yesterday, I worked in the freezer at work, and by the end of the day I was cold. No, more than that, I was COLD.

Which means I didn’t get to read the news yesterday until I got home. I had read on Thursday that the CDC was going to strongly suggest all children under a certain age get the flu vaccine. Umm what if their parents don’t want them to??

One, the flu vaccine is only the version(s) they think is going to be going around this year. Two, people get sick FROM the flu vaccine. Three, with the flu epidemic across the country, there have only been 22 deaths. That is a very small percentage, and most likely those were complications due to the flu.

My heart aches for the family of those who have died, however I feel that there are better ways we can keep our families healthy without resorting to injecting harmful substances in our body. There has been no proof that vaccines do not cause autism, though the federal government would like us to believe otherwise. Even without thimerisol in our vaccines, there are other harmful preservatives in the vaccines. To me, the whole flu vaccination thing is a hoax created to keep the income coming in for the big pharmaceutical companies. Like it isn’t enough that the state of Maryland has forced parents who object to vaccinations to either get their kids vaccinated or go to jail. Umm what about freedom of religeon? What about any other freedoms? What about proving the vaccines actually do what the government says it does BEFORE we inject our kids with this crap? All this is because of money.

That’s like the proposal for Ms. Clinton’s healthcare plan. We have to pay for insurance whether or not we can afford it. Oh yea, that’ll really help… NOT! So if we can’t afford insurance, we get our checks garnished so the big healthcare companies can get their money. Only to have them turn around and say what they will and will not pay for. Yea, ok. I see where this is going, and I do not like it one bit.

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