To Sleep, Perchance To Dream…

I promised a dear friend I would try to get to sleep early tonight.  I don’t know what it is, I just can’t relax.  I’m tired, exhausted even.  I really should be asleep.  Instead I’m here with my mind going in circles.

I know that some of my posts have seemed truncated lately.  That’s because I’ve said some not very flattering things about a member of my husband’s family and I decided that I would just delete everything after I posted it.  It makes for a disjointed account of what’s going on. 

I think every family has one person that just doesn’t pull their own weight.  In my family, it’s my uncle.  It was fine when my grandparents had their farm, he helped my grandfather with chores.  After they sold their farm, he just lived off my grandparents even after he turned 40.  He hated the idea of getting a job paying what is starting out pay in northeastern Vermont.  Now that my grandmother has Alzheimer’s and is living with my mom, he’s glad he got a job.  Oddly enough, he got a girlfriend not long after that.

In my husband’s family, there’s 2.  One is his cousin, who is in jail for stealing, then trying to escape.  If you go by his letters, jail time has agreed with him and he’s trying to straighten his life out for once he gets released.  Exactly like this cousin is my sister-in-law.  She hasn’t been caught by the law for much more than child neglect, so she hasn’t had to face the music for her bad choices and refuses to see anything as her fault. Instead, I see her daughter (my neice) suffering.  It breaks my heart. 

Then there’s me.  Some days when I get so bogged down with how much I have to do at work, I long for the simpler days of living with my mom and working part time after I left my ex.  Or maybe I’m just longing for a vacation.  It has been over a year since I took any time off.

Now I’m tired enough to sleep.

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