Why is it that when my son doesn’t get his own way he just goes in and does what he wants anyway.  He managed to break my cd-r/rw drive.  It makes me mad that he messed with my computer while I was at work today, and he just brushed it off.  He knows what he did, but he keeps saying he doesn’t know what he did to break it. 

 Must not strangle the 16 year old.  I am the type of person that doesn’t like someone else working on my computer.  I have to do everything.  So he goes in and frells it up.  Must not strangle the 16 year old…

 I can’t get the door to go back on the track, so I guess I get to go buy myself another one Friday.  It just makes me so angry at him.  Not that he cares.  I need to find something to ground him from that’ll make an impression on him.

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