You Miss A GIANT LIZARD and Fall Flat On Your Face

Ok, so that’s not the whole message you get when you miss an attack when MUDding, but the sentiment is there.

 I’ve fallen on my face with trying to do too much, but all it’s done is get me sick. 

Maybe I’m just having trouble thinking because I can’t breathe, but I can’t sleep either this morning.  I am never up at this time of day. 

I’ve been trying to start a freelance design business.  So not only am I putting in bids on design jobs on, but I’m freelance writing to get extra money for a vacation in September, plus I’m working over time to get all of my work done at my regular job. 

My husband figures that since he’s working overtime too, that that’s the equivalent of what I am doing.  Yea, then he stays up all day and sleeps during the evening when I need help with our 2 year old. 

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