Who Would You Vote For?

The primaries are coming up for many states, including Oklahoma and Missouri.  Though I had some major reservations about Edwards, I had fewer about him than any of the other democrats that are running. 

 I feel that Hilary is two-faced.   I don’t feel Obama has enough experience at anything.  He’s only been a senator for 4 years. 

The last thing I’m going to do is vote for Romney or Huckabee.  I feel that Romney doesn’t understand over half the population — the half that lives from paycheck to paycheck.  He paid for some of his own campaign, so what does he know about being poor?  How is he going to fix the economy? For Huckabee, he pushed to have a convicted rapist released in Arkansas.  That so-called man went on to rape and kill at least one more person, maybe 2. 

I hate how the media doesn’t give equal time to all candidates, some of the ones that dropped out because they didn’t get enough votes also didn’t get enough media coverage.

Blame it on Main Stream Media, they know who they want as president.  Let’s just hope it’s someone who understands the changes that need to be made in this country.

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