Amish Friendship Bread

I used to make candles, but haven’t since I left Branson.  One of my favorite scents was Amish Friendship Bread.  I still have the link to the company who sold the fragrance oil, so when I finally do start melting wax again, I can use that scent.

Recently, a co-worker asked me if I wanted a starter for Amish Friendship Bread.   Since I have such fond memories of the candle scent, I said yes.  That was before I realized what was involved in this tradition.  When it comes time to make the bread 3 days from now, the directions say to put 1 cup of the starter in 4 different ziploc bags and mark them with the date.  Then I am to give the starter to friends with a set of directions on how to make the bread.  That sounds great in theory.  I’m just not sure I know enough people here in OK that would like the friendship bread starter. 

What am I supposed to do then?  Hand it out on the street? 

I can see that one now.  LOL! I suspect I would get some very strange looks when I tried to hand a bag of starter out. 

I saw some given away on FreeCycle.  I could do that.  Explain that I don’t know enough people in the area, and am not sure who I should give it to. 

Or I can make one batch, keep a bag of the mix for myself, then dump the rest down the drain. 

 After all, who would know what I did with it?  I’m sure Amari isn’t going to go looking in my trash. 

Or, since a batch makes 2 loaves of bread, I can figure out what would be left after taking out the 4 cups, double that amount and make 4 loaves of bread to bring some to work.  Then I can leave some starter on the desk with the bread, with the directions. 

Or I can make a single batch, and leave 3 bags of starter on the desk.  Then I can make some for the family in another 10 days.

 I still think the office is going to get overrun with Amish Friendship Bread starter. 

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