Have you ever noticed…

I had planned on just leaving the below post tonight, but I was thinking about this while I was watching teevee the other day. 

 Have you ever noticed that most of the people in the shows are of a “normal” BMI?  I mean yea, there’s always the obligatory fat guy (or gal), but most of the main characters are thin.  We have an obesity epidemic here in the good ol’ US, yet our popular culture does not reflect this fact (almost said fat there). 

 Then there’s the occasions like the VMA’s this year (2007) where Britney Spears shows up in an outfit that is slightly too small and everyone jumps on it!  I mean come on.  Go out in the public in the Midwest or any other town in the US (and many other countries) and you’ll see people wearing clothes that are so small they look like they’re going to burst the seams any minute. 

 Muffin tops aside, I think it’s time that SOMEONE actually dealt with the problems we are going to face. 

 Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I do NOT mean Big Pharma, or the complimentary industry Big Food.

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