Gullibility at its finest

I’m not going to touch what’s going on in 2 days.  I’m still taking a wait and see attitude.  I might need some popcorn for the show though, since it looks like it’s going to be a doozy.  For all of those who are saying Democrats lost, get over it – remember you didn’t.  Remember the assertions that Obama was Muslim, that Obama wasn’t born in the US.  All of those assertions were proved wrong, but people still insisted on believing them.  Now if anything is brought up about Trump, then it’s ‘but Hillary… emails!’ Whatever.  She wasn’t elected, so what does she have to do with the illegal stuff he’s doing?  I do look at everything else, and have my thoughts, which I’m sure I’ll come out with soon enough.

I did have to laugh today though.  I got an email from Causes – sometimes they have good causes and I don’t mind signing a petition.  Today I got this:  I was curious what was really going on, so I did a quick Google search.  You know, a bit of research to verify that it was something we needed to worry about before I signed.  Instead, this is what I found:

Now that makes it very interesting.  A lot of people are fed up with who we have in Congress.  They want to impose term limits.  Well, they’re not very well going to do it themselves, but there’s a way the states can start constitutional amendments.  We can force what congress isn’t willing to do, we just need to follow Article V of the Constitution.  I for one like the idea of imposing limits on some of what’s been going on.

We have grown adults acting worse than a preschooler in congress, because they aren’t willing to compromise.  I’m sorry, at that point it’s more like they’re saying they’re going to take their toys and go home.  Let’s not even think about the simple obstructionism that’s been going on for 6 years.  If we have to clean house for the white house, let’s clean the rest of the cesspool as well.

I’d rather take a wait and see attitude for the constitutional amendments as well.  Let’s see what they come up with before we decide to petition our lawmakers to reject something.  Because once we know what amendments they want to add, then we can act.  It’s not too late – oddly even after it’s passed, it’s not too late.  Look at the 18th amendment – prohibition was an actual amendment to the constitution after all.

Just don’t touch the 19th amendment.  I want my voice heard still.

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Ok, so I love pretty much all of the podcasts from  Stuff You Missed in History Class? Great.  TechStuff?  Fascinating.  Today, I’m catching up on the podcasts from Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know.  I don’t listen to this one as much, but it’s a fun look anyway.  Podcasts on alchemy, cattle mutilation, why you can’t win online arguments (and why you participate in them).  It’s all pretty cool and broken down into why we respond like we do.

Right now, I’m listening to a podcast on political conspiracies.  Including one that Trump may be running for president so that Hilary actually wins.  They’re talking about whether the US is a meritocracy, and it’s from before Jeb Bush withdrew from the race, where one candidate is the wife of a former president, and another is the son and brother of former presidents.

Check it out, it’s actually kinda interesting. (Opens in a new tab).

Do I think this is true?  I think Jeb Bush withdrawing from the race is enough to show it’s not.  However, it’s amusing to think that Trump is only running to fracture the GOP so that Hilary wins.  It’s certainly not definite that she’s going to win the democratic ticket at the moment.  I don’t think Bernie has a huge chance, but it’s not definite.

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Super Tuesday analyais

Bear in mind, I haven’t seen anything on results from today’s primaries. The following is just my thoughts from things I’ve seen on MSN, Yahoo and Google.  I can’t vote today because I’m registered as independent and only Republicans and Democrats can vote for any of the presidential candidates today.

I foresee a major crumble in the US just reading the ‘news’ sites. Trump and Clinton both scare me and they’re the front runners for their respective parties.  My husband is happy, he seems to like that misogynist, racist Trump. Ugh.  I suspect that if Trump wins the electors he needs that the GOP is going to split with a less divisive candidate also running (e.g. Rubio) which will divide the GOP votes and put HRC in office.

I foresee a lot of doom & gloom in the above scenario, so I really hope I’m not right. I also would like to see more competition on the DNC side of this election. The lack of competition makes HRC seem inevitable as president.

I really think it’s time to move away from having a Bush or Clinton in the White House.

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Gun control and mass shootings

Now when the subject of gun control comes up, everyone always gets so upset. You hear a lot of ‘they’re coming to take our guns’ etc.

That’s not the answer. Those who say that making guns illegal will ensure only criminals have guns.

The answer is much simpler. Make more thorough checks when selling guns. Make the checks the same nationwide. Have it all on a national database. And finally make it illegal to resell your gun except to a legitimate dealer who will do a thorough background check on the next owner.

This selling guns on Facebook yardsale pages should be illegal. Make it so pawn shops have to run the background checks as well.

Psych evaluations might help. But I wouldn’t say they’ll help. Someone can go over the edge even without having a history of psychiatric problems.

We have to take responsibility for our choices. As long as we believe the rhetoric that those who favor gun control want to criminalize gun ownership, then we won’t have any progress in this.

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Mind reading or student of history

I swear it seems I know people more than I realize. I guess it just comes from looking at history. I’ve repeatedly told my mother that banning abortions is not a good idea, no matter how much you hate the idea of abortions. Women who would have an abortion are just that desperate, they’ll try illegal methods if the legal route is taken from them. That’s what has started in Texas where abortion has gotten very hard to get — legally at least. How long until the back alley clinics come back?

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Random thoughts

Both of these are true for me too. I’m broken, a friend’s brother and another friend’s father died, my sister, my cousin & a friend’s 4 year old have been diagnosed with cancer.

I’m looking for the things to be furiously happy. I got to visit Vermont, I’m in my house.

I’m spending time trying to figure things out and get routines in place that I didn’t need when we were living with others. I’m starting an Etsy store and writing more. everything is settling down, so it’ll only go up from here.

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LOL Vacation


So we’ve been on vacation since last Thursday. It’s been an interesting week in Vermont. I’ve been so homesick, that I’m not looking forward to leaving.

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Busy, busy, busy

I can’t remember who linked to the above post, but it resonated. I tend to fill up my time with mindless exercises instead of doing anything that requires thought.

Then I wonder why time passes so quickly and what I did a week ago. I have so much I want to do, but I don’t take the time to do it.

I wonder why I don’t get anything accomplished.

This week as long as I think about it, as long as I remember, I’m going to be mindful of what I’m spending my time on.



So somehow, sometime, I managed to subscribe to a preppers site on Facebook. It’s got some interesting things that come across my feed as a result.

For some of it, I just roll my eyes and scroll past. Like the composting toilet, which is illegal in many areas anyway.

Sometimes it posts things that are interesting, like a link to an article about getting rid of spiders naturally. The problem I see is that some of these things will be difficult to find if something does happen.

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If you don’t like the heat

Get out of the kitchen.

But what happens when it’s 100+ outside and you’re trying to work in a house without ac?

I think I ended up making myself sick a week ago. I spent the week drinking extra water, and I’m still not feeling 100%. Then again, I haven’t been feeling 100% in a long time. I gained weight and I eat too much processed food at the grandparents house. I need to do better about eating veggies in the morning. I think I need to change a bit about what I’m eating at work.

I guess I just need to change things a little at a time until I get to feeling better.

To start with, I’m watching what I eat and adding a green smoothie every morning.

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