Craziness abounds

So, my kids and I are in Tae Kwon Do, with classes twice a week. Typically, we only go on Monday nights and every other Wednesday – when I’m not on the schedule to help in the nursery at church.

Tonight, as we were getting ready for class, I saw the following post on Facebook.

One of the local information sites/groups had a post that the mall, plus the Walmart Supercenter and the Walmart Neighborhood Market have all received bomb threats tonight. They’re all being evacuated.

Someone posted a picture of some guy wearing a swastika on an armband leaving the Walmart Supercenter. Even crazier, guess he was recruiting in the area. Disgusting. Of course, I’m in the middle of red Oklahoma, so he might have found recruits. I just hope not.

I should probably go clean out my email, since I haven’t checked it since Thursday lol. I took a 4 day weekend and have checked my work email, but not my personal email.

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When we bought our house in 2012, we bought it from a company that buys bank foreclosures or tax forfeitures and flips them. They had gutted the house, but then the owner’s father had a heart attack around the same time, so they stopped working on it and never started back.

The house was empty for around 4 or 5 years. At least one person or group had squatted here — there was evidence of a fire on the floor in one of the rooms. Kids shot a bb gun or pellet gun at most of the windows, breaking them.

It took about 3 years of working nights and weekends (including the time it took to save money to pay an electrician and plumber, since my city insisted we used licensed plumbers and electricians). We had to get out a loan for the central heat and air, but otherwise we paid cash, and we own the house free and clear. Which is good, because we fell for a scam at a local dealership and were upside down on our car before it broke down last year on the way to Vermont for the memorial.

We only did enough to pass inspection and get a certificate of occupancy.

The front room was full of boxes and things we brought into the house from the grandparents house when we moved in. Friday, we spent 4 to 5 hours cleaning up the mess. We still need to organize the things we kept, but it’s looking a lot better.

I’m hoping that once we get it organized, we can start making progress on the loft and finishing the front room. I would love to gave the rest of the house done, and would like to renovate my kitchen and current working bathroom. I have a lot of plans, but it’ll take some time to finish.

I’ve been working on my writing becaue that’s one way to get more income. That will help us to pay off our loans, allowing us to become debt free.

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Absolute chaos and tyranny

I try not to get political on here. It’s one of those things I don’t even discuss in real life much. I’m not registered as either Democrat or Republican, I’m a true Vermonter in that I am an Independent. I agree with some things on both tickets. Or at least I always did.

Then the Tea Party developed and pulled the Republican party further to the right. Now, I have things that I believe that agree with what one of my brothers would call RINOs. So, I call myself Independent.

I disliked Trump in the 80s. I thought he came off like a sleazy real estate developer who thought he was better than everyone else.

I was very disappointed with Republicans when he got the nomination. Since I am registered Independent, I can only vote on the Democratic ticket in the primaries here in Oklahoma.

When he was elected, I took a wait and see attitude. I hoped he’d surround himself with people who could guide him and help him learn what he didn’t know. I had hoped he would carry through on his promises of not spending all his time on the golf course. I had hoped he’d obey the constitution with regards to the emoluments clause and put his businesses in a blind trust.

No on all counts.

And of course, Congress hasn’t held him accountable, they got their so-called tax cut where I’m paying more in taxes. They were able to get other things they wanted, so they bowed to him and sucked up.

Now he thinks he can stop impeachment by suing through the courts. If he followed the law, he has nothing to worry about. He thinks he’s above the law, so he has plenty to worry about.

I’ve started following this blogger linked above, on both Twitter and Facebook. He’s another Independent and is retired military intelligence. Reading what he says makes me feel better when I see all this crap on my timeline about impeaching the ones who are holding Trump to the standard he should be following. When I see all this divisive talk about libtards and snowflakes. When I see all this anger from people on my timeline, even people who I go to church with. When I lose hope in our country ever healing from the divisiveness and racism that I saw after Obama was elected. When I see Christians rail that they want nothing to do with Sharia law, but in the same breath feel it’s okay to push their beliefs on non-Christians.

I truly believe our country can heal, but we will all need to work at it. We all need to remember the other side is still our neighbors and our friends. That the immigrants aren’t the boogeyman, they do jobs we don’t want like picking crops for the grocery stores. That the real bad guys aren’t the ones working illegally, but the ones who hire them.

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Crafting and making

I had an audible subscription for a few months and I bought the book ‘Every Tool’s a Hammer’ by Adam Savage. Since I listen to audio books or podcasts when I am at work, I know I didn’t exactly pay full attention to it. I’m thinking I’ll listen to it while on the treadmill in the next few weeks. I know for sure that I will be able to pay attention that way.

I know that listening to this audio book the first time had me wanting to make a lot more than just my crochet projects. It made me see that writing was also making things, albeit things with words.

It also made me miss the woodworking that I used to do, back before life got busy and I forgot that I like to craft with things other than yarn or other approved feminine media.

So today, I think I’m going to spend some time drafting out a corner shelf for my bathroom, because that’s what we need, and that’s what I want to do. I’m pretty sure I have a notebook with graph paper that I can use as well. I remember having one somewhere.

After that, I’ll have to look at whether I have the components to make it, but I doubt it since my step-son left the wood for the shelves outside and they got rain damaged.

It’s all good, I can at least get a start on it, and then work on the baby afghan that my husband volunteered that I make for one of his former coworkers. Her baby shower is this weekend, but it already won’t be ready by then.

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Confusion reigns

I’ve been having issues with work. I did end up back mostly in the job I had back in January when we were told that our jobs were moving. However, it was a long circuitous route, and it took about 6 months for that end result. In the meantime, since I suffer from depression, that’s where I was living. I am working on coming out of it, and am thinking that I might be getting there, albeit slowly.

I hadn’t actually planned on updating this blog, I had logged into the admin to make sure that WordPress was updated. In the meantime, I was logging into my crafting blog to post about a baby blanket that I started on – since crocheting was another thing that fell by the wayside in the last 6 months – and I started posting on this blog by accident.

I figured that was a sign, and once I copied the post into the correct site (my MoonxCreations site), I decided I’d go ahead and update this blog as well.

I am still going to have my bad days. I know I tend toward depression, and I know that I have trouble reminding myself that depression lies. But, at least I’m back to crafting (and baking since I like to cook) and I’m writing again.

I’m going to try to post weekly on here, if not more often.

Tomorrow at work won’t be fun. The new company I work for has this thing for the health insurance that if you’re heavy, you pay extra on your insurance. Since I have trouble losing weight even exercising and eating 1200 calories a day (yes, I track it), I get to have all of this testing only to determine that I’m still fat (well, duh). I know that at least my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol are good, and I don’t smoke, so it’s just the weight that is the problem.

Which is funny, considering I can do 150 crunches, 15 full push ups, and 150 jumping jacks in under 10 minutes. I know this because I do it every week in Tae Kwon Do.

Ahh well, I do still sit at a desk most of the day, except for the half hour or so I use the standing desk, and I struggle to get 10,000 steps a day. I get it, by all of the most popular indicators, I’m a higher health risk than someone who is active all the time. It’s just frustrating when I do everything I can but the weight won’t move, and people look at me like I’m lazy.

Anyway, enough griping from me. Laterness & g’nite,.

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Random humor

Just a note since I’ve been struggling. My job went away again, and I had to find something else internally. I finally did, but it was a stressful 2 months.

Later this week I’ll post a video of the Rube Goldberg machine my youngest made for school. I kept putting it off because the setup was slightly off for the video I took, but we have used some of the parts for something else.

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Le sigh – not enough writing

So, I had been doing well at making sure that I wrote at least once a week here.  Then life happened.  I started focusing too much on writing on instead of actually doing any productive writing – as if writing here is very productive.  All it does is get out the thoughts that are in my head.

In the last couple of weeks: We’ve taken in my niece’s dog. My husband’s grandparents have moved to 2 hours away.  My 13 year old has had a few band trips. I’ve gotten overwhelmed at work and just couldn’t focus on anything. We’ve started Christmas play practice at church with my youngest child as one of the lead roles.

The dog situation is fun. My youngest two aren’t very happy with having the dog at our house. Our dog is somewhere around 4 and is a big dog. She’s fairly calm. This dog is about a year old and is very hyper.  Our dog isn’t much of a cuddler except when she is scared – then she wants me. This dog will lay on whoever is nearby. Our dog only sleeps on our bed. The other dog will sleep on whatever bed she finds. My kids don’t like having a dog sleep with them. Our dog sleeps with me when I go to bed while my husband is at work, since he works second shift. My husband has her sleep with him after I leave for work. She prefers to sleep on my pillow.

The rest of it isn’t bad, it just makes for a busy time, especially with taekwondo on Mondays, church on Wednesdays and Blue Star Mothers every other Thursday. Sometimes I forget that I need a breather. Now that the temperature is getting cooler, maybe it’ll get better.

I’ve had to stay off Facebook the last couple of weeks. It brings up too many memories. There are reasons I don’t see the point in drinking, and parties like the ones recently described are part of it. Just because I didn’t drink in high school doesn’t mean I didn’t go through that phase like others.

I’ve got a bunch of crocheting to do. I have a lot of extra yarn that I’ve bought on clearance over the years, and I want to make hats to give to the homeless shelter in town. I’d like them to give them away to the people who need it.  Just because I live in a relatively small city, the shelter frequently has around 60 people a night, depending on how cold it gets.

The group that runs the shelter also does a meal on Tuesday nights, and a clothes closet after the meal. Once the shelter is open (it only opens for a couple of months in the summer and another couple of months in the winter), they also feed more than those 60 people. Anyone who is not sure where their next meal is coming from can eat there. My husband and I will volunteer when they reopen in December. He likes to cook, and it reminds me that I have plenty of reasons to be grateful.

I need to get some sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well, and I’m noticing it. I have been cranky at work the last few weeks. Then I have to put in headphones. Of course, that means listening to either Nerdificent or Stuff You Missed in History Class.  Not sure what I’m going to do when I catch up on the History podcast, maybe I’ll listen to TechStuff or Stuff You Should Know. They have plenty of other podcasts.

Laterness and g’nite.

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Getting ready for the holidays

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my crochet projects lately. I’ve actually had to repeat the same projects over and over, since I have a bunch of people I want to make them for lol. I’ve got dishcloths going, and towels with crocheted toppers.

I’m actually focusing on being able to make more of an income with writing, which includes making myself write more often. I’m working on it, but it’s slow going sometimes.

Tomorrow, I have a so-called wellness appointment. or evaluation, or whatever. I have lost a bunch of weight that I gained when we were living at my husband’s grandmother’s house. I haven’t lost enough. Since I work in the office, in an administrative role, I needed to lose about twice what I’ve lost. That means that I made progress, but not enough.  So, unless I can get some way to show them that I’m making progress, I’ll have to pay an extra $30 a month for my health insurance.

I’ve been involved in writing and crocheting, and haven’t had a chance to do much gaming lately. I miss it, and I miss the outlet. It’s just hard when I know that I have a limited amount of time to work on the projects I want to get done. I’ll get them done, and then I’ll have to find another game to play. That’s a good plan. In the meantime, with the storm that hit North Carolina, I’m pretty sure that Apoc is down because of power outages, though I haven’t had the time to check.

I worry about my mother for this year. It’s going to be her first year without my stepdad since they got remarried on September 10, 1985. It just occurred to me, yesterday was the anniversary of my first marriage as well.  I haven’t thought about that lately.

They’ve already started working on the Christmas play at church, so I guess that means that I’ll be busier than ever in a few weeks.

I’d better get some sleep. Laterness and g’nite.

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To my friends and family in Virginia and North Carolina, please be safe.  It looks like Florence is only heading to Virginia and North Carolina at the moment, and possibly to DC.

We’ve been inundated with rain from Hurricane Gordon over the last week.  To the point where the county I live in is not under a drought conditions at all in September.   I’ve seen a few warnings about flooding instead. It hasn’t been too bad where I am, but it’s been interesting.

Off topic, my dog saw a skunk in the yard last night, and thought it was a cat.  She hates cats, so she attacked and got sprayed.  My husband got sprayed as well.  I don’t think the dog liked the taste, as she kept digging her muzzle in the dirt while we were trying to figure out the best way to deal with it.  We did wash her up with peroxide, baking soda and dish detergent, which is supposed to be more effective than tomato juice.  The smell is still there, but faintly. I really need to give her another bath, but it’s hard for just one adult.

I’ll see how it smells when I get home tonight.

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Thought associations

So, like most big companies, we have a water cooler and big bottles of water delivered.  Many of the others in the office will empty the bottle but leave it on the cooler.  It’s annoying, but I can deal.

I actually get a giggle most of the time, because dealing with the water bottles makes me think of RK (Riverkid from Apoc).  When I worked and lived in North Carolina, he is the one who delivered the water to where I worked.  I know that he doesn’t do it any more, or he didn’t the last time I actually talked to him, but it’s still an interesting association.  It’s only been in the last couple of months that he has really come to mind.

It’s possible that Asheville is on my mind because my sister lives in North Carolina and is wanting me to move near her.  I know that I miss living in the mountains, whether it’s Vermont or the Smoky mountains in North Carolina.  I miss being able to hike up the mountains and be out in nature. Here in OK, it’s too hot most of the time.

One of the things I like doing here in OK is digging crystals at the salt plains.  The problem with that, is it’s a huge flat area and any heat outside is only magnified. I’m thinking I’ll suggest we go again closer to the end of September.  It’s surprisingly relaxing to be digging in the mud, but we really need to be taking an extra set of clothes next time. I was crusted with selenite when I came home last time.

It might be time to start looking at geocaching or something like that to find more things to do. When the temperature is over 90F every day, it’s hard to want to be outside. I guess, since it’s getting ready to cool off, it may be time to look for other things to do.

Laterness and g’nite.

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