Pretty good

We have been working on replacing our roof. The roof had way more problems than we realized though we should have expected it. We did buy a house that had been abandoned for more than 12 years, that had been gutted as well.  This home improvement project is taking a lot longer than expected (don’t […]

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Ultimate Pizza

Today we celebrated the youngest’s birthday by going to Ultimate Pizza. It’s a really cool buffet with games and rides and a laser tag place among other things. When the kids and hubby were playing laser tag, this is what it said on the scoreboard. A dear friend used the name Tidal on the MUD. […]

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Craziness abounds

So, my kids and I are in Tae Kwon Do, with classes twice a week. Typically, we only go on Monday nights and every other Wednesday – when I’m not on the schedule to help in the nursery at church. Tonight, as we were getting ready for class, I saw the following post on Facebook. […]

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Random humor

Just a note since I’ve been struggling. My job went away again, and I had to find something else internally. I finally did, but it was a stressful 2 months. Later this week I’ll post a video of the Rube Goldberg machine my youngest made for school. I kept putting it off because the setup […]

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LOL Vacation

So we’ve been on vacation since last Thursday. It’s been an interesting week in Vermont. I’ve been so homesick, that I’m not looking forward to leaving.

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