Mind reading or student of history I swear it seems I know people more than I realize. I guess it just comes from looking at history. I’ve repeatedly told my mother that banning abortions is not a good idea, no matter how much you hate the idea of abortions. Women who would have an abortion are just that desperate, they’ll […]

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Not my circus

I keep seeing a picture going around Facebook that says ‘When someone tries to pull you into their drama, remind yourself not my circus, not my monkeys.’ I always laugh at that, and try to remember when the drama happens at home. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the place to live, but sometimes I […]

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‘People who are truly thankful don’t complain.  They find a reason to be truly thankful.’ I don’t say much about going to church.  The pastor at my parents church said the above this last Sunday.  He also said: ‘Thankful people don’t hoard.’ We all have reasons to not be thankful.  We all have things that […]

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Palin and Christianity

What I’ve been reading about Palin lately has seriously disturbed me, just not for the reasons that everyone would think.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with a lot of what she says.  I believe that abortion is a personal choice, and that our right to say what someone else can and cannot do stops at their personal bodies.  […]

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