Latency issuers and vaporware

Or lag, lol I’m trying to get my mind off how long it’s taking to come up with the money for the electrical work that needs to be done at the house. I’ve been spending so much money on sheet rock and appliances, I haven’t saved anything. I can’t get too mad, my back window […]

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There’s no place like home

All the work we’ve done on the house over the last few years, and it’s getting close to being done.  It’s not done though, and I’ve got what seems like a lot to do to get it finished. The framing is now done and inspected. The electric is now roughed in and inspected.  We still […]

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I was looking on one of the “news” sites one day, and found a bunch of political cartoons.  I thought this one was funny enough to warrant being shared.  I think I got it from Yahoo, but it was originally printed by the Sacramento Bee.   Laterness and G’night.

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Interesting My mother and I have had several discussions over the years. She’s always said there’s no difference in taste between yellow and white cheddar cheese. I always say the yellow tastes different – not as sharp. The above article says that people could tell if the cheese was white or yellow in a blind […]

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Interesting way to retain moisture when planting

Interesting way to deal with dryness and growing plants I live in OK and have problems when I try to grow plants in a pot outside – like tomato plants. They get dry, even with daily watering. I have extra diapers that are a couple of years old. I bet they’d still work for this, […]

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“Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes: This just made me think about all those grammar posts you see. Does it matter to many who aren’t writers, editors or English teachers?

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Sadness and thankfulness, hand in hand

A friend of mine died last month. He lived to be almost 30, which is considered lucky when you have cystic fybrosis. I can remember babysitting him when he was just 2, and his mom had to walk me through all of the medications he needed. I can remember all the times he was in […]

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With a racing heart

LOL not for any real reason.  Just as I read a message on Facebook about a severe thunderstorm warning, the storm was right overhead.  The thunder made me jump and my heart race.  Which makes me think… if the lightning is the dangerous part, why do we call it a thunderstorm instead of a lightning […]

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Like arguing with a brick wall

I started writing this April 30th and got sidetracked and discouraged. It’s frustrating sometimes reading the press releases from big companies.  The company I work for had a big article in the paper talking about how they’re moving a bunch of jobs from Oklahoma to the corporate office.  The press release said flat out that […]

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Gotta love the irony

I got a job search email from LinkedIn today.  In it, it says that my company is looking for people like me… Yea, they are.  They were trying to convince me to move to Cincinnati, OH.  I don’t feel right moving so far away with a step-son who needs his father living here.  He graduates […]

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