Tears and anger

So yesterday, ISIS-K attacked the airport near Kabul and killed 13 American soldiers (12 were Marines). The conservative media and conservative politicians went wild blaming Biden. Yet all of these people keep trying to keep anyone from doing anything about COVID with anti mask mandates and discouraging vaccines or even social distancing. My question is […]

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Time for a break

So I haven’t been around in a long time. I was talking to my youngest about the websites I have, and I was surprised at how long it has been since I posted. Work has been crazy. Even crazier with supply chain disruptions. So I’m tired when I get home. I also went through a […]

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Mairzy doats

Tonight I have this silly song stuck in my head. It’s one that I first heard when I was living in Branson. A good friend had me listen to it one day at work. I’m going to paste the YouTube link below for tonight. I’ll try to figure out how to embed it later. It’s […]

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Time for Nunchuck Bears

We were all worried about Skynet. Meanwhile, nunchuck — Kevin Brackett (@KevinRBrackett) July 12, 2020 This is mildly entertaining. Bears will play with anything they don’t understand.

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I try not to say much about mental health, but I’ve been having some issues with anxiety in the last couple of years. I finally hit the end of my rope. Part of it was from work, and part of it was just the stress from other things going on in my life. When I […]

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Note, the below is satire. I don’t really believe what it says. Some of the mayors of the bigger cities are trolling Trump. It’s actually a bit funny. I shouldn’t laugh, but he comes off as a racist. Washington DC put the words Black Lives Matter in front of Lafayette Square near the White […]

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So a bunch of gun toting idiots stormed the Capitol building in MI today. Maybe it was peaceful, but the state senators didn’t feel that way. It doesn’t really help that our fearless leader, the Mango Mussolini, has encouraged it with his tweet about liberating states with a Democratic governor. If you don’t like what’s […]

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Quarantine and essential workers

Since I work for a food company, which I do not name on my blog, I am deemed an essential worker. I have been working more than 40 hour weeks for so long, I’m burning out. But, I still have an income, so there is that. On the other hand, hubby had a quit or […]

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When we bought our house in 2012, we bought it from a company that buys bank foreclosures or tax forfeitures and flips them. They had gutted the house, but then the owner’s father had a heart attack around the same time, so they stopped working on it and never started back. The house was empty […]

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Absolute chaos and tyranny

I try not to get political on here. It’s one of those things I don’t even discuss in real life much. I’m not registered as either Democrat or Republican, I’m a true Vermonter in that I am an Independent. I agree with some things on both tickets. Or at least I always did. Then the […]

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