What is a Hard Core Gamer?

I was asked to explain more for my post on Game Snobbery.  So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I meant.  I mean what is a game snob?  When I think about a game snob, I think about how someone who plays a time intensive game like World of Warcraft might think […]

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Women Online: One Woman’s Perspective

Women in Games I struggled a bit with what to write about after my last few posts.  After all, I had said everything I could about women gamers.  Or had I?  The article above talks about theoretical reasons for women gamers to be mostly social gamers.  In a way, I agree with what was said, […]

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Game Snobbery (More Women in Gaming)

Confessions of a Gamestop Girl I was looking for more about Women in Gaming because for some reason this topic has caught my imagination.  When I did a search on Google, I came up with several articles, one from Escapist Magazine.  In the article above, the girl that the author interviewed talked about how working […]

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Women Gamers

wotmud was nice enough to leave this link in answer to my last post. It sounds like the person who wrote that post is in the gaming industry, so she has a different perspective on it than I do.  However, she does state this: Female players tend to be casual, interested in easy-to-pick-up social […]

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Gaming and MUDs

Players Who Suit MUDs  I’ve been reading a lot about gaming recently, and why there are few female gamers.  Quite honestly, I got used to being one of the few females in many situations, so I wasn’t that uncomfortable as a girl on the MUD I played on.  It probably helped that 2 of my […]

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Parenting and Guilt

Today, I had my niece again. My SIL asked if they could come over and hang out for 45 minutes then her daughter would stay with us until we dropped off my step-son. I said fine. Of course, SIL only stayed for maybe 20 minutes, but that didn’t surprise me. She won’t give her daughter […]

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