Amish Friendship Bread

I used to make candles, but haven’t since I left Branson.  One of my favorite scents was Amish Friendship Bread.  I still have the link to the company who sold the fragrance oil, so when I finally do start melting wax again, I can use that scent. Recently, a co-worker asked me if I wanted […]

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Food Additives and Hyperactivity

Food additives linked to hyperactivity in children I have a 2 year old daughter.  I’ll admit that most of the time it’s easier to give in and give her whatever she wants.  Being a “normal, picky” 2 year old, most of the time what she wants to eat is cereal and chocolate milk.  That’s at […]

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Well, it looks like I’m going to have to design a WordPress theme after all.  I found a theme I think I can deal with for a couple of days, which is a good thing since none of the themes I saw match what I’m looking for.  Figures, I now need to sort out the PHP.  Guess […]

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