Whine, whine, whine

Not that I like jumping on bandwagons or diet fads, but I had been doing the Ketogenic diet for about 2 years. It wasn’t hard, just boring, and then I stopped losing weight. So after about 8 months fluctuating the same 6 lbs, I went back to just watching what I ate. Which that, plus […]

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Time for some Yum

When we were in Vermont last month, one of the places that I decided we needed to stop was Al’s French Frys.  It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been there – at the time I was still married to my oldest son’s father. When we were up there, we stayed at a resort in […]

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Awww, man

I had a long conversation with someone at the place where I buy my local honey.  Apparently, the drought in OK is part of why there’s no possibility of local maple syrup.  You’d have to go through way too much water to be able to get enough sap to make syrup.  I haven’t done enough research to […]

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Taste of Home

There’s a local cooperative that sells meat, vegetables and a bunch of other products from around here.  Everything is organic, and local.  They have a school bus that’s been repurposed and redesigned inside to have shelves and freezers. Since my allergies are so bad here in OK, I try to buy honey from them.  I […]

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Interesting My mother and I have had several discussions over the years. She’s always said there’s no difference in taste between yellow and white cheddar cheese. I always say the yellow tastes different – not as sharp. The above article says that people could tell if the cheese was white or yellow in a blind […]

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Pretty much everyone at work is signed up to get emails from the head of the local emergency management agency.  The agency that sends out notices when the weather is foul, or the wind is going in circles and touching the ground. On Friday, I got a kick out of reading his email.  It was […]

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Well, duh

As the year comes to a close, I realized that I haven’t posted a lot this year.  There has been a lot on my mind, but it doesn’t always translate well to the screen. I saw an article several weeks ago about the McRib.  It was talking about how the McRib is processed meat.  Well […]

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The food on our plates

I was reading the NaturalNews website the other day and saw an article that refers to the Pink Slime that I mentioned the other day. (opens in a new window). In it, they talk about how consumers are driving the food manufacturing business.  If the consumers don’t like what’s in a product, they avoid […]

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It Makes Me Sick

FDA Draws Fire Over Chemicals in Baby Formula (Opens in a New Window) This is just scary.  With the problems in China with infants hospitalized because of melamine in baby formula, the FDA said that there was no safe level of Melamine.  That is until they tested the formulas here in the US.  Now, they’re saying […]

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PETA’s request for Ben & Jerry’s So, apparently PETA is trying to convince Ben & Jerry’s to make their ice cream out of breast milk.  Umm I just have to say it… eww! Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding your kids.  The thought of eating something made out of someone else’s breastmilk […]

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