The Internet Archive and Donations

There are so many places looking for donations, it’s hard to choose just one.  Not only that, money seems to be tighter for a lot of people this year.   But if you’re looking for somewhere to donate, is looking for donations.  They have increased the amount of information and websites that you can pull up through […]

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Bundling – As in Software Bundling

So it’s obviously no secret that pretty much any download site bundles software with other programs.  For example, you might install a program and be asked if you also want to install Google toolbar.  Of course, it’ll also hijack your home page and default search page, but that’s another story.  With all the additions attached […]

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Adobe, HTML5 and Mobile Flash

So, on Nov 9, Adobe announced they were no longer going to be developing Flash for mobile devices. Instead, they’d be concentrating on using Flash to support apps for the app stores. (Opens in a new window) On the one hand, it’s great news for most mobile devices, including phones.  LOL except for those […]

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Facebook Changes – The Death of Privacy??

So I actually sat and watched most of the keynote address at Facebook’s F8 conference.  The beginning was interesting, with Andy Sandberg from SNL.  I honestly liked what Andy had to say more than what was said after.  Granted, some of it is going to be interesting… like the new timeline, but there’s going to […]

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HTML5, Flash & Gaming

When I first read about the phase out of Flash games, I started to wonder.  Many games on Facebook use Flash.  What would they do about casual gamers like those who play on Facebook? Then I started reading this article (opens in a new window) where MMObility interviews the developers from Illyriad, who have a […]

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F2P (Free To Play) Coming to a Game Near You

Though much of my interest in MMO’s was limited to MUDding (or Multi User Dungeons for those who didn’t play the old school text based games), I did play Everquest and Asheron’s Call.    About 8 years ago, I decided I wasn’t going to spend my money to play games.  I could either 1) start MUDding […]

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Firing by Phone?

Interesting article on /. (aka Slashdot) the other day.  It wasn’t long, but the discussion got me thinking about the tech sector and how poorly some companies are doing.  This segued into how many big companies are handling things. The article is (Opens in a new window) How much oversight is there for big […]

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Gaming and Marriage (Opens in a new window) No, this post isn’t going to be about what you’d think at first.  There was actually an article on Yahoo! news about getting married online.  That people are getting married in person, then having their characters in online games get married on the game.  Yahoo! is treating it as […]

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The Simplest Things

“As beautiful as simplicity is, it can become a tradition that stands in the way of exploration.” ~ Laura Nyro Sometimes the simplest things can be the most meaningful.  The last couple of days, my younger kids have been sick.  Unlike their older brother, they prefer to cuddle with me when they’re sick.  He just […]

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A Place to Escape

Though the writing is still slow, I’m spending a lot of time doing nothing much in particular, especially since I bought a laptop from work (they upgraded everyone’s computer to a Windows 7 box, I got a very good deal.  I still need to fix my other laptop, but it’s no longer as urgent).  I […]

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