Wire Framing websites and Friends

Today, I’m really missing my web developer job, and the coworkers I had back then. I am working my way through a web development boot camp on Udemy, and she started touching on wire framing websites. This is a technique that I haven’t used in years, but it helps you determine the layout of a […]

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Some fun

This picture just tickled my funny bone, though my youngest just rolled his eyes. He got his sense of humor from me, but sometimes not so much. Then there is this. I love Airplane. Laterness

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Cascading Style Sheets

I’m just going to geek out here for a minute or two. I have been doing a refresher on HTML and learning CSS since I never really got into it when I was designing sites in the early 2000’s. I think CSS had really just started coming on the scene when I stopped with the […]

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Website hosting and domains

I’ve owned this domain a long time. It was the first one I bought for myself when I started in web development in the early 2000’s. I bought a second domain in 2002 or 2003 (I’d have to look at WHOIS to remember when, but I’m leaning toward when I was making and selling candles). […]

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On Friday I decided to start doing some real WordPress training instead of just the dabbling that I’ve done over the years since I started this blog. I’m kinda excited. I haven’t done any major programming since I left my web design/programmer job in 2003. My plan is to start freelancing so I can work […]

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Time for a break

I haven’t been around in a long time. I was talking to my youngest about the websites I have, and I was surprised at how long it has been since I posted. Work has been crazy. Even crazier with supply chain disruptions. So I’m tired when I get home. I also went through a phase […]

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Mairzy doats

Tonight I have this silly song stuck in my head. It’s one that I first heard when I was living in Branson. A good friend had me listen to it one day at work. I’m going to paste the YouTube link below for tonight. I’ll try to figure out how to embed it later. It’s […]

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Crafting and making

I had an audible subscription for a few months and I bought the book ‘Every Tool’s a Hammer’ by Adam Savage. Since I listen to audio books or podcasts when I am at work, I know I didn’t exactly pay full attention to it. I’m thinking I’ll listen to it while on the treadmill in […]

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More robotics

So, after boasting about my middle child and only daughter programming a robot for her STEM class final, my youngest is applying to be in Robotics club. Apparently, they only have 10 kids total who can do it, and only 2 out of the 4th grade – the remaining 8 will be out of the […]

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The Twilight Zone and general business

I listened to the most recent podcast for Nerdificent this morning, and now I want to watch the Twilight Zone.  I can remember watching these shows when I was younger, and I found some of them unsettling.  Now, I suspect that I’d probably find them as unsettling, but not as creepy. I have been trying […]

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