Some random thoughts

My daughter has started doing commissions on Instagram. I asked her to redo the girl at the top of the page to look more like an elf. Since my daughter specializes in anime type drawings, it’ll probably end up with bigger eyes and crazy hair as well. We’ll see. I told her I’d give her the same $5 I’m thinking I’d have to pay on Fiverr. Since that’s more than she has been charging, she jumped at it.

Christmas is entirely too close. We are doing a show at church next Sunday, and I do not feel prepared right now. I guess we will see how Saturday’s dress rehearsal goes.

My step son’s mother died Tuesday. I feel so bad. He is only 21 and has 2 younger brothers. One is only a year older than my youngest. My step son had fought with his mom a lot 2 (almost 3) years ago and was working on fixing his relationship with her. He’s feeling bad that they hadn’t finished fixing it when she died.

I have a headache tonight even though I took ibuprofen. I’m not going to stay online long tonight. I’m drinking water and crocheting to see if I can get rid of the headache. I might look at a massage at the rate things are going. Before I left my job, I received a gift certificate that would get me 3 massages. After the first one, my muscles ached for about 3 days, but then most of the tension in my neck was gone. I didn’t even realize that was possible the muscles had been knotted so long lol

Anyway, I’m going to crochet and try to see if I can get rid of the headache.

Lateness and g’night

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