Tears and anger

So yesterday, ISIS-K attacked the airport near Kabul and killed 13 American soldiers (12 were Marines). The conservative media and conservative politicians went wild blaming Biden.

Yet all of these people keep trying to keep anyone from doing anything about COVID with anti mask mandates and discouraging vaccines or even social distancing. My question is this, who will they blame for the below?

He died of a treatable illness. It’s just sad, and he didn’t have COVID.

It’s sad. And discouraging.

The company I work for has mandated that everyone have a vaccine to continue to work there. There are people quitting, people complaining to the Oklahoma governor.

How does it make a difference? At least a couple of them get a flu shot every year.

It’s not worth losing your job over in my opinion. I get freedom, but they keep pushing right to work. As in companies can fire anyone for any reason. So now that’s how it goes.


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