I try not to say much about mental health, but I’ve been having some issues with anxiety in the last couple of years. I finally hit the end of my rope. Part of it was from work, and part of it was just the stress from other things going on in my life.

When I hit the point where I didn’t care if I still had a job – though I still did my best at work – I went to the doctor and we switched up my medication.

My anxiety is getting better, some of the time. I still have my days. I’ve been staying on the Ketogenic diet as much as possible hoping that the lack of sugar would help my moods. It hasn’t really affected things, but I still feel more clearheaded when I don’t eat empty carbs and sugar.

In June, I decided I needed a vacation. I combined my vacation with the holiday off for the 4th so I could use fewer vacation days and still get a full week off. Part of me was worried that they’d find that they didn’t need me. Instead, my boss texted me on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday asking for my help. It makes me feel a bit better, but I’m still anxious about going back tomorrow. I’ve got a lot to catch up on.

My anxiety was mostly better this last week, but I think it’s a good idea for me to take a break from social media. Twitter and Facebook have been kicking up the stress and anxiety, with all the current events.

While I was off work, I spent the time working on the roof that we started working on in March. You’d think my husband and stepson would have gotten most of it done, but they got frustrated and stopped working on it most of the time. Now I’m trying to get it done outside of the really hot times of day – which means early morning or evening after dinner.

Starting this week, I’m going to have to just limit it to after dinner hours. That will not be fun, but I’ve made a lot of progress this last week. I did remember something I did in the wrong order when I was trying to sleep Friday night.

I think we can get started on putting up the tin the roofing this week. I just need to fix the trim where I didn’t do it right. That shouldn’t take long – maybe 2 evenings, then I can move on. I need to find a cool evening where I can paint, but I’m not sure when that will be.

That’s about all I have to say tonight. It’s been a long week, and I still need to clean out my email. I don’t check it enough when I’m on vacation. I miss gaming, but I’ve been reading a lot more lately to help me escape from my thoughts.

My next step is going to be to start MUDding again. I miss that as well. I’m also going to start writing again. I’ve missed both of these and they help with the obsessive thoughts that trigger my anxiety.

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