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So, occasionally, I take the time to read the MSN home page. There are always fluff stories, and ones that are biased. I also look at whatever pops up for stories on my Chrome new tab page on my phone, and through Flipboard, which comes with my phone as well – yes, I have a Samsung.

I read this story, and I like this. It’s more about protests – this time in OH. The governor is telling the protesters to lay off the reporters and the head of the OH Department of Health, and instead focus on him. (as always, all all links open in a new tab).

I’m actually pretty impressed. This is the right way for elected officials to behave. Remind people that reporters are exercising their 1st amendment rights just like the protesters are. We need a free press. This is very important.

Personally, I think they should bring back the fairness doctrine as well, but that’s because I’d rather go back to making my own decisions instead of the decisions or opinions others want me to make.

That’s the main reason why I read a lot of my news from the Allsides as well. I can look at which way that site typically leans, and I can decide how biased their reporting is.

I also follow Jim Wright with Stonekettle Station on Twitter, Facebook, and I read his blog at He’s not a democrat or a republican, he just spent years in military intelligence. He doesn’t pull punches with what he says.

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