Absolute chaos and tyranny

I try not to get political on here. It’s one of those things I don’t even discuss in real life much. I’m not registered as either Democrat or Republican, I’m a true Vermonter in that I am an Independent. I agree with some things on both tickets. Or at least I always did.

Then the Tea Party developed and pulled the Republican party further to the right. Now, I have things that I believe that agree with what one of my brothers would call RINOs. So, I call myself Independent.

I disliked Trump in the 80s. I thought he came off like a sleazy real estate developer who thought he was better than everyone else.

I was very disappointed with Republicans when he got the nomination. Since I am registered Independent, I can only vote on the Democratic ticket in the primaries here in Oklahoma.

When he was elected, I took a wait and see attitude. I hoped he’d surround himself with people who could guide him and help him learn what he didn’t know. I had hoped he would carry through on his promises of not spending all his time on the golf course. I had hoped he’d obey the constitution with regards to the emoluments clause and put his businesses in a blind trust.

No on all counts.

And of course, Congress hasn’t held him accountable, they got their so-called tax cut where I’m paying more in taxes. They were able to get other things they wanted, so they bowed to him and sucked up.

Now he thinks he can stop impeachment by suing through the courts. If he followed the law, he has nothing to worry about. He thinks he’s above the law, so he has plenty to worry about.

I’ve started following this blogger linked above, on both Twitter and Facebook. He’s another Independent and is retired military intelligence. Reading what he says makes me feel better when I see all this crap on my timeline about impeaching the ones who are holding Trump to the standard he should be following. When I see all this divisive talk about libtards and snowflakes. When I see all this anger from people on my timeline, even people who I go to church with. When I lose hope in our country ever healing from the divisiveness and racism that I saw after Obama was elected. When I see Christians rail that they want nothing to do with Sharia law, but in the same breath feel it’s okay to push their beliefs on non-Christians.

I truly believe our country can heal, but we will all need to work at it. We all need to remember the other side is still our neighbors and our friends. That the immigrants aren’t the boogeyman, they do jobs we don’t want like picking crops for the grocery stores. That the real bad guys aren’t the ones working illegally, but the ones who hire them.

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