Le sigh – not enough writing

So, I had been doing well at making sure that I wrote at least once a week here.  Then life happened.  I started focusing too much on writing on instead of actually doing any productive writing – as if writing here is very productive.  All it does is get out the thoughts that are in my head.

In the last couple of weeks: We’ve taken in my niece’s dog. My husband’s grandparents have moved to 2 hours away.  My 13 year old has had a few band trips. I’ve gotten overwhelmed at work and just couldn’t focus on anything. We’ve started Christmas play practice at church with my youngest child as one of the lead roles.

The dog situation is fun. My youngest two aren’t very happy with having the dog at our house. Our dog is somewhere around 4 and is a big dog. She’s fairly calm. This dog is about a year old and is very hyper.  Our dog isn’t much of a cuddler except when she is scared – then she wants me. This dog will lay on whoever is nearby. Our dog only sleeps on our bed. The other dog will sleep on whatever bed she finds. My kids don’t like having a dog sleep with them. Our dog sleeps with me when I go to bed while my husband is at work, since he works second shift. My husband has her sleep with him after I leave for work. She prefers to sleep on my pillow.

The rest of it isn’t bad, it just makes for a busy time, especially with taekwondo on Mondays, church on Wednesdays and Blue Star Mothers every other Thursday. Sometimes I forget that I need a breather. Now that the temperature is getting cooler, maybe it’ll get better.

I’ve had to stay off Facebook the last couple of weeks. It brings up too many memories. There are reasons I don’t see the point in drinking, and parties like the ones recently described are part of it. Just because I didn’t drink in high school doesn’t mean I didn’t go through that phase like others.

I’ve got a bunch of crocheting to do. I have a lot of extra yarn that I’ve bought on clearance over the years, and I want to make hats to give to the homeless shelter in town. I’d like them to give them away to the people who need it.  Just because I live in a relatively small city, the shelter frequently has around 60 people a night, depending on how cold it gets.

The group that runs the shelter also does a meal on Tuesday nights, and a clothes closet after the meal. Once the shelter is open (it only opens for a couple of months in the summer and another couple of months in the winter), they also feed more than those 60 people. Anyone who is not sure where their next meal is coming from can eat there. My husband and I will volunteer when they reopen in December. He likes to cook, and it reminds me that I have plenty of reasons to be grateful.

I need to get some sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well, and I’m noticing it. I have been cranky at work the last few weeks. Then I have to put in headphones. Of course, that means listening to either Nerdificent or Stuff You Missed in History Class.  Not sure what I’m going to do when I catch up on the History podcast, maybe I’ll listen to TechStuff or Stuff You Should Know. They have plenty of other podcasts.

Laterness and g’nite.

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