Getting ready for the holidays

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my crochet projects lately. I’ve actually had to repeat the same projects over and over, since I have a bunch of people I want to make them for lol. I’ve got dishcloths going, and towels with crocheted toppers.

I’m actually focusing on being able to make more of an income with writing, which includes making myself write more often. I’m working on it, but it’s slow going sometimes.

Tomorrow, I have a so-called wellness appointment. or evaluation, or whatever. I have lost a bunch of weight that I gained when we were living at my husband’s grandmother’s house. I haven’t lost enough. Since I work in the office, in an administrative role, I needed to lose about twice what I’ve lost. That means that I made progress, but not enough.  So, unless I can get some way to show them that I’m making progress, I’ll have to pay an extra $30 a month for my health insurance.

I’ve been involved in writing and crocheting, and haven’t had a chance to do much gaming lately. I miss it, and I miss the outlet. It’s just hard when I know that I have a limited amount of time to work on the projects I want to get done. I’ll get them done, and then I’ll have to find another game to play. That’s a good plan. In the meantime, with the storm that hit North Carolina, I’m pretty sure that Apoc is down because of power outages, though I haven’t had the time to check.

I worry about my mother for this year. It’s going to be her first year without my stepdad since they got remarried on September 10, 1985. It just occurred to me, yesterday was the anniversary of my first marriage as well.  I haven’t thought about that lately.

They’ve already started working on the Christmas play at church, so I guess that means that I’ll be busier than ever in a few weeks.

I’d better get some sleep. Laterness and g’nite.

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