Time for some Yum

When we were in Vermont last month, one of the places that I decided we needed to stop was Al’s French Frys.  It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been there – at the time I was still married to my oldest son’s father.

When we were up there, we stayed at a resort in the northeastern part of Vermont (the Northeast Kingdom).  When we left, it should have taken us only 90 minutes to get from Barton to the Burlington area.  Unfortunately, because of construction on route 100C, it took a lot longer than normal.

I was insisting I wanted to eat at Al’s, so I wouldn’t stop for lunch anywhere else.  My husband started grumbling that he was hungry, and this place better be worth the wait.  We finally got there fairly early in the afternoon, but a bit later than the normal lunch hour.  We didn’t have to wait in line to place our order.  All we needed was to wait for them to cook the food fresh.  The layout of the restaurant has certainly changed a lot since I was there.  When I was there in the 90’s, the lines went out the door.  They now have 2 registers and 2 lines.

My kids thought the 50’s style decor was cool.  I just appreciated that they still had vinegar on the table.  That’s something you can’t get in Oklahoma, bottles of white vinegar to put on your fries.  Of course, I don’t really eat fries any more either.  While I was on vacation, I made an exception.

I don’t remember what my husband and kids ordered – my kids probably got chicken tenders, but I got the fried clams and french fries.  I forgot how good fried clams are when they are fresh, and fresh out of the fryer.  That’s one of those reasons I miss living on the east coast.  The fresh seafood is so good.  Add in the white vinegar on the fries – which my husband and step son had never heard of, and I enjoyed my food.

When we left, my husband said it was worth the wait.


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