Super Tuesday analyais

Bear in mind, I haven’t seen anything on results from today’s primaries. The following is just my thoughts from things I’ve seen on MSN, Yahoo and Google.  I can’t vote today because I’m registered as independent and only Republicans and Democrats can vote for any of the presidential candidates today.

I foresee a major crumble in the US just reading the ‘news’ sites. Trump and Clinton both scare me and they’re the front runners for their respective parties.  My husband is happy, he seems to like that misogynist, racist Trump. Ugh.  I suspect that if Trump wins the electors he needs that the GOP is going to split with a less divisive candidate also running (e.g. Rubio) which will divide the GOP votes and put HRC in office.

I foresee a lot of doom & gloom in the above scenario, so I really hope I’m not right. I also would like to see more competition on the DNC side of this election. The lack of competition makes HRC seem inevitable as president.

I really think it’s time to move away from having a Bush or Clinton in the White House.

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