Gun control and mass shootings

Now when the subject of gun control comes up, everyone always gets so upset. You hear a lot of ‘they’re coming to take our guns’ etc.

That’s not the answer. Those who say that making guns illegal will ensure only criminals have guns.

The answer is much simpler. Make more thorough checks when selling guns. Make the checks the same nationwide. Have it all on a national database. And finally make it illegal to resell your gun except to a legitimate dealer who will do a thorough background check on the next owner.

This selling guns on Facebook yardsale pages should be illegal. Make it so pawn shops have to run the background checks as well.

Psych evaluations might help. But I wouldn’t say they’ll help. Someone can go over the edge even without having a history of psychiatric problems.

We have to take responsibility for our choices. As long as we believe the rhetoric that those who favor gun control want to criminalize gun ownership, then we won’t have any progress in this.

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  1. Urlick

    Sadly it’s not that simple, there are a lot of laws on the books about the regulation on for gun sales. For instance pawn shops have to have FFL and be registered in order to sell firearms and hand guns. This is a federal law, they also need to run back ground checks when selling said weapons being covered. If you know of a pawn shop that is not, report them, they are giving every one who is law abiding a bad name. This is just an example of the misinformation being passed around there are many more examples of that, but the only way to combat this is too educate yourself. NFA is the major law that governs most of the firearms related stuff, read, learn and don’t let people fool you.

    You mention some other things, like psych evaluations, even for people with no history? I’m going to have to strongly disagree with statements like that, you are now edging towards that area where pre-thought(pre-crime) where they arrest you just for thinking about it. A few movies like “Minority Report” would be a good one to watch. But once you start down that slippery slope there is no turning back. History has proven that over and over and it’s a scary place to go, I can probably find dozen of instances in recent history to easily point this out.(Germany WWII, WWI)

    In closing I totally agree with you on people need to take responsibility, but as the vast majority of the government and even out President doesn’t ever take responsibility how can you except the average citizen too. Lead by example, except the majority of our leaders do just that, take absolutely no responsibility for anything.

    Take care, be safe.

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