Gotta love the irony

I got a job search email from LinkedIn today.  In it, it says that my company is looking for people like me… Yea, they are.  They were trying to convince me to move to Cincinnati, OH.  I don’t feel right moving so far away with a step-son who needs his father living here.  He graduates […]

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Life is Good I saw this from one of the blogs I follow and started thinking. It’s so easy to focus on the negative, whether it’s stepping on something, or having your car stop working correctly. What happens when we focus on the positive? does our attitude change? Life is good, life can be good.  All we […]

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Ugh – I’m getting old

If there’s anything that gives me a perfect example of how old I’m getting, it’s working 50 hours in a week.  And I still have to go in tomorrow.  I am tired. You’d think that sitting at a desk job, I wouldn’t be tired, but I was falling asleep on the couch at 8 tonight. […]

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