New glasses in school

My 8 year old daughter had to get glasses. While in school she was having a lot of headaches. We thought they might have been caused by her long hair that we had cut about 3 weeks ago, but daddy promised to bring her to the eye doctor when he went to his appointment. Her […]

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Words fail me

So I now have this handy little app on my phone for when I see something that I want to post. Today at the grocery store I saw the above magazine. Notice it’s the premier edition. I find it mind-boggling that someone thinks there’s enough of a market out there to support a magazine on […]

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Work – moving right along

I decided to take today off work to get more done on the house. Today I’m working on something I’ve been working on for awhile – refinishing the built in bathroom cupboard. I took out the shelves easy enough, and just sanded and painted them on one side. Then I started stripping the cabinet door. […]

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