Pretty much everyone at work is signed up to get emails from the head of the local emergency management agency.  The agency that sends out notices when the weather is foul, or the wind is going in circles and touching the ground.

On Friday, I got a kick out of reading his email.  It was a fairly short (for him) email.  Sometimes at work we joke that he likes to hear himself talk too.. though it’s in email, so I guess it’s just that he likes to type.

He’s encouraging people to be prepared for bad weather.  Including having supplies on hand if the weather is really bad and the electricity goes out for longer than the few days that it was out last week.

Basically, to me on Friday, it sounded like he was describing homesteading.  Rather fascinating, since sometimes people like to see those who are into preparedness as wackos.

I’m not a wacko, I just don’t want to rely on a system that is so dependent on aging infrastructure.  What happens if the roads are blocked?  We can do without milk, what about having food on hand?  With all the tornadoes and flooding in the last few years, a stockpile isn’t necessarily a bad idea.   And my husband laughs at me.

All I’m interested in is being prepared, and finding a cheaper way to eat lawn clippings – er vegetables. Besides, have you tasted a real tomato lately instead of one of those waxy things you buy at the store?

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