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After the drama earlier this week with politics, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking we need to start treating these politicians like children.  Maybe it’s time for them to go back to school and learn about sharing or compromise.  Grr, it’s aggravating that they have so much control over what happens when they can’t be bothered to actually act in our best interests.  Congress need term limits just like the president.  They’re all acting like spoiled brats.  I’d say they’re idiots, but even idiots have more sense when it comes time to work together.

In other matters, I’ve been doing some research on how to get a compost bin going in my yard.  I think I’m going to get a big plastic bin and drill holes in it.  I hate to bring all of these branches to the dump when they’d make great compost for the square foot garden I want to plant.  Besides, the dump gets plenty of trash, there’s hardly any recycling in this city.  There are several options.  You can do it yourself by trying to get everything to the center during their normal business hours, or you can hire someone for $10 a month.  Once we’re in our own place, we’ll hire the company that charges $10 a month, but the attitude around here is that recycling is too much trouble.

I need to do some looking around to find some smaller clippers to cut up the branches to put in the plastic bin.  I also need to find a way to cut down the tree that’s growing so close to the back of our house that eventually we won’t be able to use our back door.  A hack saw might work, if hubby hasn’t bent all of the blades.

I need to run the lawn mower to mulch the nuts that I didn’t pick up this year, but I think I need to wait until spring thaw.  They should be more likely to crush easily then too.

Speaking of nuts, I need to add an electric sheller to my wishlist some time.  After about an hour of cracking pecans, my hand starts hurting.  Or I’m just a wuss and eventually my hands will get used to the work.

Actually, since I just did a search for an electric nut sheller, I can either spend almost $400 or make one myself.  Of course, I’ll have to find a real way to make one myself since the tutorial I found looks like it uses a drill press, which I don’t have.  I’d spend as much if not more to buy one of those first.

There’s so much more cleaning to do in the yard, it’s hard to know where to start.  I’m going to spend some time cleaning up the branches we cut last summer and trimming back the crape myrtle that is planted edging the street.  I want to at least be able to see the number sign that’s in the yard.  Eventually I want to replace the crape myrtle with lilacs and butterfly bushes.

It seems like 10:30 comes earlier and earlier.  G’night.

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