Paying the Consequences

It’s funny, we all pay the consequences for the decisions we make.  Some of us seem to be aware of this, and some of us take the victim route instead.

Right now, I’m dealing with the latter.  The person I’m talking about has 2 kids and has been married for a very short time to someone other than her kids’ dad(s).

She’s paying the consequences for choosing to marry someone she didn’t know for very long, or know very well.  She thinks the answer to her unhappiness lies in where she’s living.  She doesn’t want to be so far away from family, so she’s moving to OK. She’s going to have to learn that happiness isn’t tied to a place, it’s tied to the people at that place.

She’s leaving where she has easy transportation, to live 3 hours from the town she actually wants to be in.

She’s going to be more miserable.  But she isn’t willing to work on what needs to change in her thought process.  Gratefulness helps encourage happiness.

The drama will continue to unfold, I’m sure.  I just wish things could be different.  It’s going to be a long few months.

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