Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Xxax

When I first saw today’s date, I kept thinking it was someone’s birthday. The thought was bugging me because I knew it was someone I had been close to at one time. Then at lunch, I figured it out. So I had some chocolate covered strawberries in honor of Xxax, who was once my best friend, though I don’t talk to him any longer. Some days I do miss talking to him. Today is his 40th, so he can feel over the hill now *eg*

Other than that, life is passing me too quickly. I’ll soon be 41, and I’ve been doing what I can to try to change some things in my life.

I’ve been working for a temp agency the last 2 weeks. Yesterday, I almost didn’t get a paycheck because my supervisor didn’t sign off on my hours (I use a swipe card, so I don’t track anything on paper). I’m seriously thinking I need to ask for some paper time cards, because of the mix-up. In the meantime, because the company I’m doing work for is a big employer in the area, I did get a check.

It’s getting late, and there’s going to be much going on tomorrow. I think it’s time to get some sleep, and a dear friend of mine would agree. LOL he’s not even on the MUD, so I guess I’m right 😉

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